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Cashflow Forecast

A cashflow forecast is an important part of your business plans for the future. They are generally required when seeking further investment or finance albeit from a bank for example.

How your cashflow affects your business

Cashflow forecasts are extremely beneficial internal instruments as they assist the management of cash. With accurate cash flow forecasts, you can determine when in the future you may run out of cash and the need for external finance is required. Similarly it Similar in can also outline when the opportunity may rise to re-invest cash into your business for expansion and growth.

We can prepare and update your cashflow forecast for you on a regular basis ensuring that you always have sufficient information to make key managerial decisions about your business.

How we encourage a healthy cashflow

Why hire us?

The process of preparing a cashflow forecast involves us and you, as you hold all the knowledge about your business. You must present us with as much information as possible to enable us to ensure the forecast is as accurate as possible. Historic bank statements expected income which is committed to and also income which you believe will come in unexpectedly. In addition to this we will need to know about outgoings such as payment of overheads, rent, salaries and materials for example. This is a small sample of information which makes up a cashflow forecast.

Once the forecast has been set, this can be compared to actual at the end of the period to see if your business has over or under performed. This is where key managerial information is found to enable your business to move forward positively.

Here’s what we do exactly

Predicts future Cashflows

Calculation of Customer & Supplier payment times

Calculation of Stock holding times

Cashflow forecast prepared for required period

Report on CashFlow, highlighting any issues

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