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Payroll refers to any tax withheld from a worker’s salary by an employer who pays the tax on their behalf.

What is it exactly?

In the UK, payroll tax works through the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system. In simplest terms, if you’re an employer, it’s your job to work out how much tax your employees owe, subtract it from their pay packet and send it to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

You do this every time you pay your employees – for the vast majority of businesses, that’s monthly – and the process is the same for salaried workers as for those paid by the hour. 

As always, it’s crucial you keep your accounts up to date. In addition to making sure your workers are getting paid the correct amount, you also need to send your most recent pay deductions to HMRC by the 19th of every month if you pay by post and by the 22nd if you pay electronically.

Why Hire us?

An effective solution to this is to out-source some or all of these responsibilities to T&W Accounts. This doesn’t mean you lose control. On the contrary, you gain control because you can get on with what really makes your business tick, safe in the knowledge your payroll and bookkeeping are being looked after accurately and efficiently.

What is the process?

We use the Award-Winning BrightPay Payroll Bureau to manage all payroll solutions, giving flexibility on payroll schedules and arrangements. This software integrates exceptionally with various bookkeeping software and Pension providers.

Here’s what we do exactly

Real Time Information (RTI) and bespoke reporting

Weekly, bi-weekly, four-weekly, monthly and annual payroll

Payslips and e-payslips

Supporting e-banking facilities

Preparation of the year end compliance procedures

Preparation of forms P11D and advice on benefits in kind

Advice on SSP, SMP, SPP and related statutory matters

Advice on short time working, layoff and redundancy procedures

Advice on National Minimum Wage

Attachment of earnings

Tax credits and Working Tax Credits

CIS returns

PAYE/NIC liabilities

Setting up pension schemes and auto enrolment compliance

Learn the basics

News & Helpguides

For the eager-to-learn business owners, we have a bank of helpful learning guides and information in our resource centre for you to add to your toolkit.

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